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Hex - Collaboration platform for publishers

Hex caters to journalists, researchers, bloggers and designers - everyone who wants to publish creative content as a team. 


Micro Interactions

Hex offers 5 modes. Each mode is suited for a certain type of task. If the collaborator wants to switch between the modes, she can click on the floating action button and the modes are revealed. A click on the required mode, morphs the main pane in the chosen mode pane.

The collaborators on the document can have a discussion in the style of instant messaging. The discussion can be started on individual paragraphs or images. The feed page morphs into discussion pane. After the discussion, the pane can be closed and feed is revoked. This discussion appears on the top of the feed. The discussion can be viewed at any point of time by clicking on it.

If the collaborator wants to push the content to the team view, so that others can see it, she can select the content to be pushed and then click on the push button. She is then prompted on the modal box to push the content for review or directly to the team view.